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Knight Piano Services is the only company you must contact when you need help with your piano. Over the last 23 years, Paul Knight has gained invaluable experience and has become an expert Piano Technician. Fully accredited by Yamaha and Kawai.


Services Offered

I offer an all-encompassing range of technical services for pianos. All aspects of these instruments' maintenance, repair and building work are covered. The primary benefits I offer here at Knight Piano Services, therefore, include the following:



Tuning - $230
Inspection, Service call - $140
Inspection/Written evaluation - $230
Upright service, including voicing, regulation - $550
Grand Service inc. voicing, regulation - $800
Other work to be inspected and quoted


Complete Piano Rebuilding/Restringing

I can offer a complete piano rebuilding and restringing service. The difference between this and a simple restringing is that, in addition to restringing, I will replace the pin block and repair or replace the soundboard. I can replace the action's key bushings, damper felts, and hammerheads. 


Piano Tuning & Servicing

I can tune and service your piano, regardless of what you use it for. Whether you play in the home as a hobby or require it for a live music event or recording. 


Action & Keyboard Replacement/Installation

I can provide replacement and installation services for your piano's action and keyboard. The action mechanism is the part that involves the hammers that create the sound once you press the keys by hitting against the relevant strings. I can also provide installation and replacement services for the keyboard section of your piano. 


Concert Piano Preparation, Servicing & Tuning

Do you have a concert you are performing at soon? I can arrange to come to your home, studio or the venue where you will be performing, as required and whatever is best suited. I can prepare, service and tune your piano to be in perfect working order and sound great for your big event.


Repair and Replacement Services

In addition to the above, I provide all other repairs and replacement services. This includes all cabinet and refinishing, polyester repairs, key lead replacements, customised Steinway action rail replacements and keyboard reweighting or touch weight. 

It doesn't matter how small or big the job you need to be completed on your piano or pianos. I can do it for you. Contact me for more information and pricing if you want a complete piano rebuild, voicing, regulation or tuning. 


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Did your instrument sound better than it once did? It may need an expert eye and specialist touch to repair and replace parts suffering from wear and tear. Whatever you need, don't hesitate to contact Knight Piano Services. You can do this by calling me directly on 0411 459 301 or by emailing me at explaining what services you need, the type of piano you have, its make, model and other important information you can provide.

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