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About Us

Knight Piano Services was founded in 2001 by our current owner Paul Knight. Over the last 23 years, Paul has become an established and accomplished piano technician. He has undergone comprehensive training and gained skills and experience in all aspects of piano services, including rebuilding, restringing, tuning, keyboard and action replacement, and so much more. 




Paul Knight has achieved many industry-recognised qualifications, including Certificate 3 for furnishing (for musical instrument repairs and tuning). It is also Yamaha Accredited, YSA number 402, and Kawai accredited. He completed a four-year apprenticeship in 2000 and was awarded Apprentice of the Year in 2001. In 2008 and 2011, he attended the prestigious CF Theodore Steinway School for Concert Technicians in Hamburg. 



Before focusing entirely on self-employment, Knight worked in a unique position. From 1996 to 2001, he worked as a Piano Technician at The Australian Academy of Music in Brisbane. Then from 2001 onwards, he worked as a contracted piano technician and tuner.


1996 - 2001 | Australian Academy of Music

Piano Technician

Yamaha Gold dealer


2021 - 2023 | Morris Brothers Music

Kawai, schimmel dealer


2005 - 2015 | Theme and Variations Piano Services 

Workshop Manager

Steinway, Boston, Essex dealer


Brand Values

Knight Piano Services was established to provide the best professional piano services in the covered area. Paul enjoys an enviable reputation and is highly sought after because his work is driven by the central values he founded the business on.


Honesty is a crucial trait and is often hard to find, especially when money is involved. Nothing is better for Paul than a piano that sounds as good as it should, especially in concert instruments. As a piano player and lover, he has a real passion and love for the instruments. That love means that he will not charge you more than necessary for the work you need to be done on your instrument. He lives and breathes his line of work and enjoys fixing and tuning pianos so they sound their best.


Reliability is another strong quality that is often difficult to find. If he were not reliable, he would be out of business. Rest assured, the time and day you arrange with Paul for your piano services are when he will turn up and do the requested work. He will not mess you about it, as it is essential to him that he stays on schedule with all of his other clients too. He will not let you down when you have a concert to perform at or other time constraints. You can guarantee that the work you need to be completed on your piano will be done within the agreed-upon timeframe. 


Paul is a known diligent worker. He will diligently work on instruments until all the issues and problems have been solved and the piano is in complete working order again. He prides himself in having a keen eye for the finer details and always looks to overdeliver to his clients rather than just meeting their expectations.


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Does your concert or traditional used piano need attention, love and care? Do you need to have it retuned or something more complex? Contact Knight Piano Services. I offer a wide range of essential services from retuning to restringing, concert preparation, and much more. You can contact me directly at 0411 459 301 or by emailing

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how I can use my extensive experience and expertise to solve your piano problems and dilemmas.

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